I know what it’s like to be a normal person. I didn’t grow up a rich silver spoon elite. I’ve never been a community organizer, I’ve never been invited to fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane with Bill Clinton, and the only fight with Corn Pop I’ve ever had is trying to make sure my kids got breakfast. I’ve worked for a living. I’ve fought for a living, not just in the ring but on the battlefield as a soldier in the US army, and on the streets of Boston when I was shot at eight times in 2014, sending me to a hospital before the biggest boxing match in my life. I won my next fight. If a bullet couldn’t stop me, then a ballot can’t stop us.

As your Congressman, I’m not going to take orders from Woke Universities or Socialist bartenders, I’ll take my orders from YOU, the people! It’s time to take democracy back from Joe Biden, and give it to the people.

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